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Writing comes before thinking

Many of us dream of writing online. Of having an audience that are listening to and learning from you. I’m one of those people. I’ve had a number of false starts. Mainly because I thought I needed to have fully fleshed out thoughts that then needed to be put into sentences to be worthy of writing, now it’s clear that I need to write in order to explore what I think.

Now my focus is changing. If people waited until they were experts on a topic to write about it, hardly anyone would. It’s less about “knowing it” and more about “writing it” first. Coming from David Perell’s school of thought, whose work I have admired because it’s honest and practical. You don’t need to write the way your teachers and professors made you. You’re not writing for academics.

Just write like you speak. Sentences can be short. Simple. Your vocabulary should be interesting to paint a picture, but you don’t need to write like a language student. You can build rhythm by changing the length of each one. Build on short, pithy sentences at first and the drive your points home when you’ve given the reader enough time to breathe. David’s course “Write of Passage” is one I am definitely hoping to take at some point once I have the funds.

A world’s worth of information is available to all internet users within seconds. So what is it you might be able to provide beyond that? A unique perspective or curation of ideas, and especially a synthesis of the two.

Thoughts are floating around our heads most of the day but we hardly every grab onto them enough to make them feel fulfilled. I don’t mean fixation or rehearsal to memorise. It’s akin to having a great business idea (which many people do!) and not ever acting on it. That’s what sets people apart, action. Writing is no different. If you love a topic, you can and should write about it not only to flesh out your own ideas but also to add to the resources others have to educate themselves on the topic. Write for yourself 2 years ago, or even 5-10 years!

You’ll undoubtedly have stuff you wish you knew sooner. You can make that a reality for someone in a comparable position right now, by writing. That’s exactly the reason I’m writing this sort post – it doesn’t have to be grand. But it is a message. It’s important to me and I hope it will be to somebody else too. So get typing.

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