About me

I write about the psychology of everyday living, innovation, and personal effectiveness. For many years have intended to write online. I had a few false starts.

I thought I needed to have fully fleshed out my thoughts before expressing them. I needed to put them into sentences that were worthy of writing. Now it’s clear that I need to write in order to explore what I think.

Pop psychology got me interested in the field when I was younger. I just wanted to be better at things. Some helped. Some came with a lot of sensationalising and hyperbole. Once I studied psychology formally, I found a similar yet opposite problem in academia. All data, no soul.

Academia gate keeps information about subjects all people find interesting: themselves.

Most people don’t read psychological science literature. Academics are too busy chasing grants and justifying their research to reach out into the world and captivate it as the, now legendary, forerunners of the field did.

Hoping to bring back relatability and engagement from people who “just” have an interest in psychology. I am here to create a space where people can engage, exchange ideas, and connect with each other.

Welcome and thanks for reading!

If you’re interested in my background, you can check out my Linkedin.